Wireless Power Transfer (2018-2021)


Sharing systems of personal mobility devices equipped with batteries have become popular forms of transportation because of its convenience. However, the premised manual charging process via wires cause inconvenience and also increases operation cost. We aim to build a low-cost urban infrastructure which can empower these sharing systems through designing easily deployable wireless charging systems.


International Conference / Demo (Peer-reviewed)

[1] H. Hayashi, K. Hata, T. Sasatani, H. Sato, R. Yamamura, Y. Seong, R. Niiyama, and Y. Kawahara, “Effect of Body Materials on Transmission Efficiency and Resonant Frequency in Wirelessly Powered Personal Mobility Devices,” IEEE WPTC 2020, Soul, Korea, Nov. 2020. https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/9295533

Domestic Conference / Demo (Peer-reviewed)

[1] 林寛将,笹谷拓也,畑勝裕,山村亮介,川原圭博 ,”電動パーソナルモビリティのシェアリング事業に向けた無線充電システムの導入とインセンティブスキームに関する検討,” 情報処理学会全国大会 2021,2T-03, March 2021.

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林寛将,川原圭博,山村亮介,佐藤宏樹,對尾健二,新山龍馬,笹谷拓也,坂井珠麗亜,” 無線給電で支援するパーソナルモビリティのシェアリングサービス,” 「ヨコスカxスマートモビリティ・チャレンジ、ビジネスアイデアコンテスト2019」(スカモビ)Jan.24, 2019 (グランプリ受賞).